Reduction in Demerit Points

How we can help:

Many people are unaware that you can make an application to the courts to have a reduction in demerit points that attach to a specific offence like speeding or running a red light. Our licences are extremely important to us. By contacting one of our specialist traffic offence lawyers here in Adelaide we can make a trifling application or application for a reduction in the number of demerit points. It is always helpful to contact the registrar of Motor Vehciles first to see how many demerit points you have left.

But don't wait until it is too late!

You might think you have plenty of demerit points left and that it would be easier to simply pay your expiation notice or fine. It is amazing how quickly demerit points can accrue even when you are driving carefully. You might use your mobile phone, miss a sign, run a red light or simply get done speeding. Even driving without due care carries 3 demerit points. These points quickly add up and it takes 3 years to get them back. By making a reduction in demerit points application you can keep these points up your sleeve for a rainy day.

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Offences that we have been successful in reducing the number of demerit points are:

1. Using a Mobile Phone

2. Speeding

3. Running a red light

4. Driving without due care

5. Many more