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Lawyers Specialising in Traffic Offences – Adelaide

A traffic offence is bound to cause great stress and financial disruption. When you find yourself in this situation, it’s important to seek legal advice, so you know your best course of action. We aim to represent you in as fair and timely a manner as possible – we want to resolve your case and get you back on track.

We recommend that you contact us as soon as you obtain knowledge of the alleged traffic infringement. It is in your best interests for a fair and balanced case that our traffic lawyers have all the information needed as soon as possible, so they can set to developing a cogent case. And what better time than directly after your alleged traffic infringement when the facts are fresh in your mind?

Choose the team of professional traffic lawyers

Traffic law is one of Mangan Ey & Associates specialties. We are happy to assist no matter how big or small your traffic matter is. We have extensive experience in the field, having practiced in the field of traffic law for many years. In fact, we have decades of combined experience, which position us as one of the leading lawyers operating throughout Adelaide and its suburbs. 

Whether the matter can be resolved before it hits the courts, or you have to seek full representation in a court room, we are able to provide you the support you need.

Contact our traffic lawyers in Adelaide

We are available 24 hours for immediate legal advice. Call us prior to making any decision about the matter. If you leave it too late, the date for action and solution may pass and you could be left with a large fine on your hands, loss of licence – and possibly a date in court.

If your matter is less urgent, please do not hesitate to get in touch as soon as possible. Our team of talented traffic offence lawyers will develop a case to present you before the courts.

No matter where you live in Adelaide, we’re here to offer you full legal support.

  • General Traffic Offences & Demerit Points

    Make sure you call us before you pay your fine, even if you are guilty of a traffic offence. If you call us prior to paying your fine we may be able to find you a defence or have the number of demerit points reduced.


  • Lawyers for Drink Driving Offences in Adelaide

    As soon as you have been pulled over for any drink driving offence it is important that you call us. There is a process, subject to certain criteria, to have your car released from the impound yard early which saves you significant amounts of money.


  • Driving without 'Due Care'

    It is important that you seek representation from criminal lawyers in Adelaide experienced in dealing with traffic offences to avoid lengthy disqualification periods and potential imprisonment.


  • Expert legal services – Adelaide-wide

    Mangan Ey & Associates is a firm of specialist traffic offence lawyers servicing Adelaide. We help our clients receive the fairest treatment and the most appropriate penalties.


  • Reduction in Demerit Points

    How we can help: Many people are unaware that you can make an application to the courts to have a reduction in demerit points that attach to a specific offence like speeding or running a red light. Our licences are extremely important to us.