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As one of the most experienced and well known lawyers Adelaide, Mangan Ey & Associates pride themselves on their excellent service and knowledge of criminal law. The firm was established in 1982 and is centrally located on Halifax street, in Adelaide CBD. We as Mangan Ey lawyers Adelaide, provide our services to those clients located in Adelaide, its surrounding suburbs and regional South Australia. Fellow members of the legal profession, the judiciary, and police prosecution regard us, as a law firm, very highly. We ensure to represent our clients with the upmost professionalism and apply all the relevant precedent to the issues. We will seek to attain a withdrawal of charges or downgrading of the given charges. Our firm has represented many high profile individuals, such as top athletes. We have the ability to provide legal advice to cases concerning criminal or traffic offences. The entire process is confidential and we will seek provide the most efficient service. 


Mangan Ey & Associates lawyers Adelaide are superbly efficient

Your interests will be put first by Mangan Ey & Associates lawyers Adelaide. Our lawyers have an extensive understanding of criminal law and traffic offences. These include cases relating to things such as murder, drug offences, and driving without ‘due care’. From the initial phone to the final result, our lawyers Adelaide will identify the relevant issues and provide the appropriate advice. In the situation where you decide to plead guilty, our lawyers will prepare you for all outcomes. This will be done through a trial counsel. In all situations we will strive to attain a reduction or a withdrawal of charges. Our lawyers understand the precedent of criminal and defence law exceptionally, thus making our service above the rest. We will be able to help you 24/7 and keep your interest in mind at all times. We have the ability to make strong arguments and represent you well, both inside and outside of the court. 

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Magnan Ey & associates are expert lawyers Adelaide. With an outstanding reputation amongst the legal society, you can be assured that Mangan Ey & Associates are the lawyers Adelaide for you. Our lawyers have the capability to defence you in all areas of law. This includes murder, manslaughter, drug offences or driving offences. Mangan Ey & Associates will recognise and advise you on all the potential issues that may arise in your given situation. The goal at Magnan Ey & Associates is to reduce or have a withdrawal of charges. In the situation where you choose to plead guilty, we will prepare you for the potential outcomes through a trial counsel. Magnan Ey & Associates will provide you with the upmost of support and be there 24/7 throughout the entire progress.  If you want the best defence lawyers, Magnan Ey & Associates should be your first call.

Magnan Ey & Associates are expert lawyers Adelaide, who will provide you with the right advice for your situation. 

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