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Information About Our Mangan Ey defence lawyers Adelaide

Mangan Ey & Associates is one of the top provider of defence lawyers Adelaide. Our firm has the most experienced specialist defence lawyers Adelaide. With the firm being established in 1982 by managing partner Stephen Ey and John Mangan ( now deceased) and Julie Bishop (Current Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs), Mangan Ey & Associates has an outstanding reputation in the legal industry. The firm is located on Halifax street, Adelaide and has the ability to provide legal representation in the South Australian courts and interstate courts. Our associates specialise in providing criminal and traffic offence advice and representation. We deliver excellent service from the start to finish, with all our clients being provided with confidential advice and support for their case. We will strive to attain a withdrawal or downgrading of your charges, and are well known for our ability to successfully represent high profile individuals within the community. Magnan Ey & Associates can provide all the necessary legal advice in criminal law and for traffic offences. The process is entirely confidential and we will provide you with the appropriate advice and support from the initial phone call. 


Quality defence lawyer Adelaide

Mangan Ey & Associates excellent defence lawyers Adelaide will protect your interests. Our lawyers are qualified to defend you in all areas of criminal and traffic offence law. Our lawyers have the capacity to defend you in murder cases, drug offence cases, driving without due care or drink driving cases, to name a few. Right from the initial phone call our lawyers will be able to recognise the best advice to provide. In the second meeting our defence lawyers Adelaide will identify the issues, the relevant law, the possible arguments and the potential outcome in the court. We will seek to attain a withdrawal or reduction of charges.    Our defence lawyers have an understanding of the precedent for a given area of criminal or traffic offence law, therefore will be able to make strong and valid arguments before and in court.  Additionally, our lawyers are available 24/7 for a consultation and aim to support you along the way. 

Accomplished defence Lawyers Adelaide

Mangan Ey & Associates have a variety of accomplished defence lawyers Adelaide. Our lawyers can provide you with advice in all components of defence law. These areas of defence law include murder & manslaughter, drug offences, driving offences or loss of demerit points. Magnan Ey & Associates defence lawyers Adelaide acknowledge that all the possible consequences may arise in the case and will identify all the matters to be tackled in court. Our lawyers aim to rid or reduce all charges put against you. In addition, if you choose to plead as guilty we will be well prepared for the outcome. We will place you in our experienced trial counsel, thus preparing you for the potential outcome in court. Peace of mind and the upmost of support, is essential to us.

Mangan Ey & Associates are outstanding defence lawyers Adelaide who will provide you with the best outcome for your given situation. 

To book a meeting, please give us a call on (08) 8227 2322 and our legal professionals will be there to provide exceptional advice.