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We are experienced in dealing with all types of theft, robbery, deception and fraud offences.    If you are a suspect or are charged with any of these offences, you should seek our advice Timely legal advice can have a major effect on how your matter proceeds.  We have experienced trial counsel equipped to contest charges at trial or if you decide to plead guilty our experience will put you in the best position possible to receive a just outcome in the Courts.


The offence of Robbery is committed if force is used or threatened when committing theft or when escaping the scene of a theft.  See s137 of the Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935.

Section 5AA of the Criminal Law Consolidation Act defines what circumstances aggravate the offences of Robbery.  Aggravated Robbery is commonly charged when two or more persons jointly commit robbery in together or an offensive weapon is used in the course of the robbery.


Robbery is a major indictable offence, the maximum penalty for robbery is imprisonment for 15 years whilst the maximum penalty for aggravated robbery is life imprisonment.