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Lawyers specialising in criminal and traffic law, Mangan Ey & Associates stands head and shoulders above Adelaide law firms. We are dedicated to giving our clients the most comprehensive service, ensuring a fair result every time. If you require criminal or traffic lawyers, anywhere in Adelaide, get in touch with us today. Adelaide-wide, we have an impeccable reputation based on exceptional professionalism and a commitment to upholding the principles of justice.

Experience and expertise

With over 30 years’ experience, we’ll handle your matter with care, discretion and professionalism in a cost effective and no-nonsense manner. We have a team of specialist traffic offence lawyers, drink driving lawyers, and criminal lawyers, with the expertise to provide the best advice and service regardless of your situation.

A stand-out among Adelaide law firms

As one of the leading law firms in Adelaide, we help people receive fair and just treatment, regardless of the offence. We to work to ensure the fines and penalties are not out of proportion to the offence, and that traffic offence demerit points are reduced to the minimum level.

If you have been charged or arrested in Adelaide or elsewhere in South Australia don’t hesitate to contact us for immediate legal advice. We’re available 24 hours a day to assist with your enquiries and help with practical advice to ensure your safety, and that you receive fair treatment.

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Get in touch with Mangan Ey & Associates by calling us on (08) 8227 2322. You can also email us, and a list of after-hours numbers are is available. Being arrested and going through the police process is a stressful situation and by calling our team you can gain peace-of-mind that you are working with a team of professionals with your best interests at heart

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